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With her statuesque figure, hair and dark eyes Indira is a femme fatale straight out of James Bond. Everyone knows that sick intoxication that you feel when you are losing your head over a gorgeous girl…….knowing that only doom lies ahead.

Madrid Escort – Spend a few minutes in a room with her and your head will be spinning. You can try to resist but you will not be able to. She takes what and who she wants leaving only broken hearts in her wake…… but the terrible intoxication of her poisonous charms will leave you helpless. Float away on a wave of unimaginable desire as she will take you to heaven and to hell and to places you could have never even imagined.

Age: 25
Nationality: Colombia
Hair Color: Brunette
Dress Size: S
Height: 1.72
In-call Location: Consult Us

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